Naming Wild Flowers

In this article we learn the names flowers that we often see growing in the wild.
  • What does growing ‘in the wild mean’?

Growing at the side of roads…

Urban Flowers ona road showing how wild flowers can grow anywhere

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Growing in woods…

Bluebells in Cowleaze Woods, Chiltern Hills, England

Growing next to river banks..

Woman on a riverbank by Ferdinand Heilbuth

Growing on ponds….

Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge by Monet (1897-1899)

 Growing on mountains..

 beautiful Wild flowers on Copper Mountain in the Rocky Mountains

Growing ‘in the wild’ means flowers growing in places where humans have not planted them.

  • Can you think of any other places where plants grow ‘in the wild?’

Difference between a ‘flower’ and a ‘weed’

Sometimes flowering plants grow very fast and a stop a gardener’s flowers and vegetables growing properly.

Sometimes gardeners do not like the look of certain flowers. People call flowering plants they do not want or like ‘weeds’.

This flowering plant is a ‘common thistle’. People often call it a ‘weed’.

people often call creeping thistles weeds because of their nuisance factor

  • Why do you think people do not want ‘common thistles’ in their gardens?

Common Wild Plants

When you see a wild plant it is sometimes difficult to know what it is by looking at the leaves. It is much easier to know what it is by looking at its flowers. So we will identify plants by what their flowers look like.

Look at these ten different wild flowers.

  • Do you know their names? (The answers are at the bottom of the page)


 a single snow drop surrounded by leaves

 a carpet of snow drops at bank hall underneath trees

© Bankhallbretherton at en.wikipedia


a clump of magnificent daisies with their heads all pointing towards the sun.

‘Picking Daisies’ 1905,. Hermann Seeger showing a mother and daughter bending down to pick wild daisies


magnificent daffodil close up showing sepals and petals and an orange trumpet

wild daffodils and wood anemones

Pauline Eccles


 common bluebell flowers, Ashridge Forest, Hertfordshire, UK.

 Amazing bluebells in Little Chittenden Wood, Four Elms, Kent,

Oast House Archive


 gorgeous stinging nettle with a white flower

 stinging nettle leaves


Anthriscus.sylvestris-cow parsley

James Lindsey at Ecology of Commanster

Flowering cow parsley,Midden-Drenthe in the Netherlands


single red poppy with delicate white rim round edge of petals and sepals

  • When people wear poppies on the 11th November every year, who do they remember?

single red paper poppy worn on 11th November

In Flanders Fields poem with images of crosses and poppies


 exquisite single buttercup with raindrops

 Savanna Oregon oak buttercup


blackberry flower with delicate white petals showing stamens

Copyright:Luc Viatour

blackberry fruit and flowers


 flowers white bindweed flowers with fused petals and sepals

Forest & Kim Starr

Bindweed in Kansas, USA

School Science-Wild Flower Answers

1) Snowdrops- in bloom January to mid February

2) Daisies- in flower May to September

3) Daffodils- in bloom March to late April

4) Bluebells – in flower April and May

5) Stinging Nettles!!- in bloom May to September

6) Cow Parsley-in flower April to June

7) Poppies-in bloom from June to October

8) Buttercups-in flower May to August

9) Brambles (Blackberries ) in flower June to September. Produces berries in September and October

10) Bind weed -in bloom June to September

Wild flowers-science projects

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