Naming Summer Garden Flowers

 In this science article we look at different types of garden; we also learn to identify and name ten different common flowers that we see in English gardens in the summer months.

  • What kind of garden do you like?

An untidy garden with no flowers?

an untidy garden with no flowers

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A garden with no flowers but where you can play on a trampoline?

lawned garden with trampoline and no flowers

 A garden with beautiful tall flowers?

Jekyll Manor House Border showing a plethora of tall flowers

A small cottage garden?

cottage garden in brittany illustrating different sizes of garden

A big garden with lots of small plants?

Fuli Town in Tawian showing large numbers of flowers in a garden

A garden with lots of trees, a lake but no flowers?

a strolling japanese garden with a lake and plenty of trees

A big garden with a mixture of trees and flowers?

Butchart gardens, Victoria, British Columbia, showing a mixture of plants and trees.

Making gardens more beautiful

People enjoy making their gardens colorful by planting pretty flowers.

  • The ‘trampoline garden’ has suddenly grown lots of flowers! What do you think of the garden now?! Is it looking better?!

garden with trampoline showing improvements!

Why do we learn the names of flowers?

Looking at garden flowers can be a lot of fun. You can admire the beauty of nature. Gardens are more interesting if you know the names of some of the flowers that you see.

  • What are the people doing in this painting?


Naming common flowers

We are now going to learn the names of some common summer flowers. You may know the names of some of these already!

  • Can you name any of these common flowers*? Answers are at the bottom of the page!


Pansy with black centre and orange petals surrounded by green leaves


Forget-me-not (Myosotis sylvatica) flowers. Essex, England.




 beautiful lavender field in Provence, France


 Lilies, Hampton Court Flower Show, London


Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota, USA.


beautiful purple foxglove on a stem with other green plants in the background


Rose Amber Flush is a yellow colour set against the background of green leaves


Busy Lizzies, white and red (Impatiens walleriana)


Amazing Fuschsia regia blossom hanging from a branch

Answers to names of flowers

1) pansies 2) forget-me-nots 3) geraniums 4) lavenders 5) lilies 6) sunflowers 7) foxgloves 8) roses 9) busy lizzies 10) fuschias


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