Venus- the Hot Planet

Planet Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.



It is amazing to consider that, 4 billion years ago, the atmospheres of Earth and Venus were not so very different.

At that time both planets experienced major tectonic activity; volcanic eruptions ejected vast amounts of carbon dioxide, among other compounds, into both planets’ atmospheres.

This image shows Earth as it might have looked like 4 billion years  ago.

In fact 80% of the surface of Venus is covered in volcanic lava.

This satellite image shows the dark, smooth lava flows of the Plains of Lakhsmi bordering the lighter colored Maxwell mountain range.

Regarding Venus, it is by no means certain that Venus has any liquid metallic outer core.

Even if Venus did have a liquid outer core the incredible slow rotation of the planet would mean that swirling whirlpoopls of liquid iron could never be generated.